Catapult player proximity report acting as return-to-play “insurance policy” for teams

Catapult’s recently-released player proximity reporting solution for Vector users is now being used by 50 teams, and over 1200 athletes, around the world, with a strong concentration in European football.

The on-demand report uses Catapult’s wearable technology to estimate the distance between players and how much time each athlete spends in close proximity to others. While leagues are handling social distancing guidelines in various ways, with obvious sport-specific dependencies coming into effect, many are requiring a report for the number of incursions and amount of time players spend in close proximity.

Bundesliga club Hertha BSC was one of the first teams to adopt the new solution, and are reassured that they are mitigating risk during uncertain times.

“Due to Coronavirus, we as a professional club are faced with immense challenges every day and bear a great responsibility for the health of the players. Technical assistance for the implementation of a safety concept and the documentation of distance measurements in everyday training is therefore indispensable. 

“For this reason, we are very happy to have Catapult as a partner in the performance area, who provided us with such a tool at short notice. In the unlikely but possible case of a positive test result, this tool and the resulting documentation of contact times and distances could prevent a collective quarantine. In the same way, we can also sensitize the players to pay attention to sufficient distance outside of training exercises.”

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