Catapult AMS redesigns reporting to centralise medical, training and performance reports

Catapult AMS has released more advanced and user-friendly reporting across the platform. This replaces the existing reporting module by building on the popular functionality introduced in the medical reporting release.

All reporting is now centralised, with medical, training and performance reports all conveniently located under one menu. Everything is still role and permission-based, meaning that if you don’t have access to medical records, for example, you won’t see those reports.

New Calculation Options

This latest release introduces new calculation options that are available when creating a chart in reporting, including:

  • Count
  • Max
  • Min
  • Average
  • Sum
  • Moving Range

Moving Range refers to rolling averages and sums. In the past, you were limited to five and 28-day rolling sums and averages, but the number of days can now be fully customised and applied to average, sum, min or max calculations.

New Source Type Options

You can now expand upon the reporting options included in medical reporting,  with source type options now including the following:

  • General
  • Seasons, Phases and Fixtures
  • Wellness
  • Medical (Injury, Illness, Treatment Notes)
  • Data Capture


Source Type Elements

This latest Catapult AMS release allows you to expand on the reporting options included in medical reporting. While new source type options are available, you can now look at all the elements included in each source type.

Source type elements include the following:

  • General (All general options previously included in medical reporting)
  • Seasons, Phases and Fixtures
    • Sessions
    • Fixtures
    • Fixture (Home/away)
    • Fixtures (Opponent)
    • Training Week
    • Training Week (Pre-season)
    • Training Week (Trials)
    • Training Week (In-season)
  • Wellness (All wellness options enabled for team)
  • Medical
    • Injury (All previously enabled elements associated with injuries)
    • Illness (All previously enabled elements associated with illness)
    • Treatment Notes (All previously enabled elements associated with treatment nots)
  • Data Capture
    • All tests enabled for a team and all elements associated with those tests


Creating a Pivot Table

You can now create a pivot table chart in Catapult AMS, allowing you to summarise data while reporting and exploring trends based on that information.

To access the new pivot table feature, simply click on the + symbol in the report and locate the “Add a pivot table” option. A pop-up box will then display, allowing you to enter all required information.

If you would like to upgrade your account to the new reporting module, contact our product support team here.

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