Building Effective Return-To-Training Programmes: Planning, Delivery and Evaluation

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According to the insurance broker JLT Specialty, Premier League clubs paid a total of £217m to injured players during the 2017/18 season, with a similar figure being reported for the NBA. With the financial stakes apparently so high, the ability to establish robust return to training processes has never been more important.

Effective rehabilitation protocols are a subtle blend of art and science, drawing on the expertise and intuition of medical staff. This expertise can then be combined with objective information regarding player workloads and responses to training stimuli.

Because each athlete is different in the way they respond to the stress of rehabilitation protocols, the importance of this objective data cannot be overestimated. As such, the information is central to the planning and review of the process.

This ebook outlines each stage of the return-to-training process, detailing some of the questions, concepts and practices that should be considered along the way. Combining theory with real-world examples, we hope you find it to be a useful resource as you plan and deliver your own return to training programs.

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Image: Aston Villa F.C.

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