Inside UNLV Basketball’s Use of Catapult’s Focus and Hub

Innovative Strategies in College Basketball: UNLV Women’s Team Leads with Video Analysis

In college basketball, innovation and strategic insights can set a team apart. This is vividly illustrated by the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) Women’s Basketball team, renowned not only for their prowess on the court but also for their forward-thinking adoption of video analysis technology. 

Catapult’s video analysis tools play a pivotal role in improving the Lady Rebels’ approach to game preparation, strategy, and player development.

The UNLV Lady Rebels Women's Basketball team proudly gathered on the court, smiling and posing with a championship trophy, exemplifying the team spirit and success that can be achieved through effective use of video analysis and strategic development.

UNLV Lady Rebels’ Team Dynamics with Technology

Hailey King, the Video Coordinator for the UNLV Lady Rebels, delves into how integrating this technology has transformed their operations, setting UNLV apart in a highly competitive field and marking a significant evolution in their preparation and performance strategies.

Hailey King, the Video Coordinator for the UNLV Lady Rebels, highlights a groundbreaking shift in their approach to team preparation and performance strategy. This shift centers around a holistic integration of innovative basketball video analysis technology, notably the Hub, which has set UNLV apart by enhancing game prep, accessibility, and collaboration among staff and players alike.

Hailey King provides an in-depth look at the impact of these tools:

Focus allows our staff to quickly break down game and practice film using our own customized tagging template. Whether it is for an individual, position, or whole team setting, we can quickly reference clips based on things that were tagged live, or tagged after the fact by our staff.”

Our custom tagging windows are designed for ease, eliminating the need for complex scripting to be set up.

A focused audience is captured in the stands of a basketball arena, with a group of individuals engaged in conversation, symbolizing the collaborative efforts in strategy discussions that are crucial for team development and game analysis.

“For example, we can pull all clips of a certain set/play call in seconds because it was tagged live. Moreover, integrating practice and game film as well as scouting report videos into the Hub for easy access by our players has been revolutionary. This capability empowers them to engage in self-directed study, significantly advancing their game understanding and strategic planning.”

This capability enables the coaching staff and players to swiftly access and analyze specific clips, significantly enhancing the learning process and strategy development.

UNLV’s innovative integration of the Hub has improved team preparation by providing immediate, unified access to essential game and practice content, emphasizing a cohesive environment for staff and players to share and analyze information efficiently. 

This commitment to excellence through accessible technology facilitates a seamless strategic dialogue across the team, ensuring synchronized strategies and objectives, and represents a distinctive advancement in fostering a comprehensive team effort.

Transformed Daily Video Operations

For King and her team, the connectivity between UNLV’s day-to-day video workflows has been revolutionized since using Catapult Pro Video. Today, captured video and data are streamlined for analysis at every point in the year.

Enhancing Practice with Real-Time Analysis

The practice environment at UNLV has been notably improved by the integration of Catapult’s Focus. King explains the tangible impact this technology has had: 

“The biggest impact Focus has had for us in practice is being able to live tag certain drills for quicker reference later.”

Focus not only streamlines the review process but significantly enhances the efficiency of providing feedback, allowing coaches to address performance issues in real-time.

A sideline view of a basketball court where analysts and coaches are seated at a table, diligently working on laptops, likely utilizing video analysis software to strategize and make data-driven decisions for player and team development.

Post-Season Workflow and Collaboration

The post-season, a critical period for review and planning, has seen a substantial improvement with the use of Focus and Hub. King details how these tools facilitate a deeper level of analysis and collaboration: 

“Focus allows us to break down game and practice film in a more customizable way than some of the other software that is out there. This allows us to build a video playbook and quickly add to it to compile an additional visual aid for the staff and players, especially new players, to study and reference during the offseason.” 

This approach not only aids in strategizing for the upcoming season but also ensures that new players are seamlessly integrated into the team’s system.

Two Years of Innovation for Improved Workflows

After two years of leveraging Catapult’s Pro Video Suite, King reflects on the evolution of their workflow: 

“It allows us as a staff to really key into things that we think gives our team the best chance to be successful. Then it gives us the ability to create an intentional message through film that we can relay to the players, and that they have access to on all their devices.” 

This underscores the Pro Video Suite’s role in refining the team’s strategic approach and ensuring that every player is aligned with the team’s objectives.

A focused interaction between a Boston College basketball player and a coach is taking place, with the Pro Video Focus analysis visible on the laptop screen. This highlights the integration of live video analysis in their training, crucial for enhancing performance and in-game tactics.

The Future of Video Operations at UNLV BASketball

Looking to the future, King is excited about the possibilities that further integration of Catapult’s technologies could bring:

“With the addition of live video to bench we can incorporate video playback in real time that the players, staff, and athletic trainers can view during games and practice. Different players learn in different ways, so having that readily available for real-time reference is an additional tool for our players to learn.” 

This vision for incorporating live feedback mechanisms speaks to a commitment to leveraging technology for continuous improvement and adapting to diverse learning styles.

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Embrace the Future of Basketball Video Analysis

The UNLV Lady Rebels’ experience with Catapult’s Focus and Hub exemplifies the transformative power of advanced video analysis in collegiate basketball. By enabling more efficient operations, enhancing practice and post-season workflows, and providing a platform for real-time feedback, Catapult has set a new standard in sports technology integration.

As the basketball world continues to evolve, tools like Focus and Hub will undoubtedly play a crucial role in shaping the future of the sport. For teams looking to gain a competitive edge, embracing these technologies could be the key to unlocking new performance levels and strategic depth.

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By incorporating Catapult’s Focus and Hub into their video analysis workflow, the UNLV Lady Rebels Women’s Basketball team is not just preparing for the next game—they’re setting the stage for a future where every play is informed by precision, insight, and innovation.

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