AMS by Catapult v2.25 released to advanced performance practitioners

Catapult has released AMS by Catapult v2.25, the newest version of our athlete management system. The updated analytics platform introduces enhanced functionality around wellness management and software security.

Wellness Management

The latest version of AMS by Catapult has two key wellness-driven features that will significantly streamline your logging and reporting of subjective athlete data through wellness reminders, and injury and illness logs.

You can now schedule an automatic wellness reminder notification through the AMS by Catapult mobile app, prompting an athlete to complete their daily wellness task. As well as scheduling automated reminders, you also have the ability to manually trigger a wellness notification directly from your AMS account, with the ability to reach your entire team, select groups, or individuals.

You also now have the ability to enable two additional wellness metrics: “Are you injured?” and “Are you feeling unwell?”. When an athlete selects “yes” in response to either question, they will be prompted to add further detail.

Once saved, a flag will display on the availability dashboard, and clicking the flag will show the athlete’s recorded injury and or illness detail. All recorded injury and illness data will display for 24 hours.

AMS administrators will need to enable wellness reminders and injury and illness logs in both feature and role permissions. All features will be disabled by default within Platform Admin > Feature Permission, unless otherwise requested.

Software Security

Catapult takes your data security extremely seriously, demonstrated by the introduction of five new security features in AMS by Catapult v2.25: password lockout, two-factor authentication, passcodes, media encryption, and integrity checks.

  • Password Lockout: Attempting to log in to your AMS account with an incorrect password more than five times will lock you out, preventing logging in for the next five minutes.
  • Two-Factor Authentication: Google authentication can now be enabled, with three options: disable (will not display for your staff), optional (will display when logging in, but can be skipped), and required (your staff will have to complete 2FA to access your AMS platform).
  • Passcodes: An AMS passcode can be enabled on the mobile application, again with the option to disable, optional or required. You will be presented with the passcode setup when next logging into the mobile app.
  • Media Encryption: All media in your AMS platform is now fully encrypted with an additional layer of security, and viewing any media requires the user to be signed into the platform to view.
  • Integrity Checks: Allows you to self-verify any file you download or view to ensure the integrity of the file.

AMS by Catapult will automatically update for users to v2.25 with zero downtime.

Visit the AMS by Catapult website for more information, or email with any questions.

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