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Meet OpenShifts - effortless shift fulfilment for retail & logistics

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Streamlining shift fulfilment

Finding cover is complex and time consuming

With OpenShifts, managers can instantly send open shifts to all eligible colleagues (across locations) and watch them get filled in minutes.

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The simple way for staff to flex their hours

Thanks to our easy to use, intuitive app

Staff receive alerts when new shifts are offered and claim them with a tap. They can also view all their upcoming shifts and communicate with managers.


Realise significant 
in-year ROI

You won’t need to wait 12+ months to benefit from OpenShifts

Reduce admin time by up to 5 hours per manager each week. Ensure rota compliance. Increase employee engagement and reduce churn.

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Works hand-in-hand with existing systems

No need to change your existing HR, payroll and rostering tools

OpenShifts is designed to complement your current tools. We will work with you to make sure your entire stack works the way you need it to.

We can integrate too

Can't let go of your favourite tools? We can plug into the tools you want to keep for maximum business efficiency.

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How it works

  1. Give your workforce access to the Catapult App.
  2. Select the types of roles you want to fill.
  3. Post shifts through the app or through our various rota integration.
  4. Eligable employees within your organisation can claim open shifts in their area.
  5. Shifts fill and everyone is happy!
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It’s freed up so much time for my managers.

Before we started using Catapult our turnover was high as managers were spending time on admin and organising rotas. Catapult's software has given managers time back to spend with their staff. And staff the ability to flex up their hours when they want to.

Nic Porter, Head of HR

Shifts made simple

Fill more shifts. Improve efficiency. Reduce operating costs and staff churn.

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