PAUL bakeries see a rise in sales


PAUL is a family-owned chain of patisseries that has been passed down through five generations. The biggest bakery in France, PAUL uses traditional French methods to produce the freshest bread and best-tasting patisserie in 45 countries across the world. 

PAUL Operations Director, Gary Cowles, implemented Catapult’s flexible workforce to address daily peaks while maintaining their own staff’s desired working hours. They discovered that not only did they capture additional sales but they also reduced churn within their core team. 


Using their deployment software, Cowles identified stores that were understaffed during peak times and therefore missing out on potential sales. He found that Canary Wharf had a 3-hour window every day, Monday to Friday, that would benefit from additional sales. 

The majority of PAUL team members want 8-hour shifts, 5 days a week. Cowles was conscious that cutting hours from his core team would have a negative impact on existing staff and, due to recruitment costs, was hesitant to hire a new part-timer to fill shorter shifts. 

PAUL’s large range of freshly prepared products provided an added layer of complexity as it takes new team members several days to learn the entire menu and ingredients.


Careful to protect the PAUL customer experience, Cowles, along with Catapult’s dedicated team of account managers, decided to focus on covering barista shifts. This approach allowed PAUL to buy in a skillset that’s standard across the industry while also releasing a member of PAUL’s team to take on a customer service role. 

Catapult, which handles all the administration and costs associated with attracting, vetting and performing right to work checks for candidates, set about recruiting and upskilling candidates to meet PAUL’s specifications. The Catapult team was able to build a pool of brand-trained flexible staff with the skills and experience required to work at PAUL bakeries across London.


After implementing Catapult, Canary Wharf was able to capture additional footfall leading to an 8% uplift in sales, while other stores reported improvements in staff turnover. 

One PAUL store had a relatively new team. Catapult baristas were deployed for longer shifts over a 4-week period, allowing the store manager to concentrate on team member training and upskilling, resulting in fewer churned staff. 

Finally, PAUL introduced a production role specifically for Catapult staff, who are brought in to help prepare fresh sandwiches and salads during seasonal peaks.