HR Influencer series - Karen Davies, The People Factor

As founder of HR consultancy, The People Factor, Karen supports management teams, executive boards in venture capital or private equity investment, as well as privately owned companies and SMEs. 

Working within hospitality - an industry that’s currently in a state of flux -  The People Factor helps businesses shape for growth, sale, and for enhanced profitability in ways that include restructuring to meet business needs, designing talent programmes, coaching, creating resourcing plans and more. 

What is the biggest challenge facing hiring managers/HR directors? 

Finding people who are a personal brand fit for the organisation; people who understand what it represents and who fit in with the culture of the team around them. 

What is the biggest challenge facing part-time workers? 

Employers and the part-time working environment not being flexible enough. Employers need to adjust their ways of working so it accommodates part-timers.

How has technology influenced the way hiring managers in hospitality find, manage and retain staff? 

With the emergence of applicant tracking systems (ATS), job boards, LinkedIn and other apps, as well as RTW technology has come a whole new way to hire people. 

How can hospitality employers address staff retention? 

Workforce planning activities are going to be key in the future, especially with the changes that will occur due to Brexit. This will include finding innovative ways to retain employees and working on solutions to fill the gaps created by the shortage. 

Some examples would be more internal skills training, a review of rewards, remuneration and recognition to ensure retention, finding alternative ways to reach new types of works, embracing technology and robust succession planning. 

What lessons can we learn from the string of CVAs and store closures happening recently? 

Restructures are going to continue to ensure the organisations undergoing CVAs are financially viable.

What does the future of part-time work look like? 

It needs to include more flexibility [for workers], but until employers and working environment changes, little will happen in reality.