2020: The year of the gig economy

The retail workforce is changing. Today’s retail workers want much more flexibility and control over their schedules than what traditional retail contracts offer, leading to record high churn and rising costs for retail businesses.

To stay in the game, Catapult and RetailWeek argue that retailers must adapt their resourcing strategies and tap into the shared workforce to win the war for talent.

In our report, written in collaboration with RetailWeek, you can learn: 

  • How the digital revolution of recent years is impacting workforces and frontline staffing

  • What the gig economy and zero-hours contracts really mean for retailers and the true benefit to the bottom line

  • The brands capitalising on the shared workforce to cut costs and ramp up productivity

  • How technology and training is changing who the frontline store associate of today needs to be – and how retailers can get in on the action.

Download the whitepaper here