Boosting shift visibility and team engagement at Creative Support

"Previously we would email, text, or call people in our relief teams about all of these available shifts. Nowadays, we ‘Catapult’ them out!"

Our latest customer success story comes from Creative Support, one of the largest national not-for-profit providers of prevention and care services in England.

We recently caught up with Lucy Bell, Tendering & Business Development Manager, to hear more about the impact that Catapult is having within her teams.

Can you tell us a little about the history and structure of Creative Support?

"Creative Support was established 30 years ago to deliver supported accommodation for adults with mental health needs. We have grown considerably since then and now work in 70 local authorities across England and have around 5,000 staff. We now work with people with a range of support needs, including mental health needs, learning disabilities, older people, and socially excluded groups. We also provide support in various models including supported living, floating support, extra care, day opportunities and respite.

"Our Bank Coordination Team is comprised of eight staff who receive shift vacancies from our services, coordinate relief staff and work with agencies as required. Shifts might be needed for a variety of reasons, such as staff absence for training, annual leave and sickness (which has included Covid-19 isolation in the past year), recruitment delays, etc. Nationally this can add up to a substantial number of shifts.

"Previously we would email, text, or call people in our relief teams about all of these available shifts. Nowadays, we ‘Catapult’ them out!"

How is Catapult making life easier for you?

"We’ve seen an increase in the acceptance of shifts and also had positive feedback from the services.

"Catapult has also increased transparency for our managers. They can log on, see the status of their shifts, which team members are picking them up, and communicate with them when needed.

"This also increases the positive engagement of our bank team. People can see that there are shifts available and the fact that the app displays a location map next to each shift has been valuable for us as it’s not uncommon for a team member to tell us that they’ve got lost!

"Finally, the customer success team is exceptional and have been instrumental in the success of implementing the platform at Creative Support."

Have you discovered any other benefits?

"Our services are regulated by the CQC, and we are able to use Catapult to get feedback from our relief team about their experience of services - the quality of their induction, positive aspects of the service and things that aren’t as good as they could be. We can get this feedback and then follow up on any issues, this also prevents a ‘closed culture’.

"Catapult has also improved our communication which helps us to make sure that we’re really transparent about what our service requirements are."

What’s next?

"We’ve opened the platform up to more of our staff, and seen some good results from our incentive programmes that we’ve run alongside the rollout to encourage engagement.

"We’re also looking forward to the upcoming product release which will further formalise the way we gather feedback from staff."

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