Catapult nominated as one of the Top 50 Global Retail Startups by Retail Week

RetaiWeek has listed the Top 50 Global retail Start-ups who are helping retailers succeed in the everchanging retail environment.

The last few years have been tough for retailers. Rising costs, decrease in high street footfall and changes in shopping behaviour have increased the pressure on brick and mortar retailers to keep up with their online counterparts. To stay ahead of the curve, retailers must keep up with the pace of technological change, but many large retail organisations are slow in adapting and fall behind as a consequence.

In the Top 50 Global Retail Start-ups report, RetailWeek highlights the need for retailers to partner with retail start-ups to better adapt and succeed in the changing retail environment. 

Catapult is listed as one of the key companies which can help retailers become more agile by reducing fixed labour costs while increasing productivity. 

About Catapult

Catapult’s internal and external shift marketplace lets retailers extend their workforce without hiring, thereby becoming more agile and cost-effective when sudden changes in demand occur. 

The internal marketplace lets retailers open available shifts up to employees across all nearby stores with no additional admin work for managers. The external marketplace gives added flexibility and fulfilment security by allowing retailers to send shifts out to Catapult’s 10.000 people network of vetted and trained retail staff. 

Catapult has nationwide and international coverage, supporting leading retailers such as Clarks, New Look, Dune, and Planet Organic in extending their workforces to meet changes in demand. Clients highlight how Catapult not only helps them reduce fixed labour costs but also improves sales productivity and staff turnover.

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