Load Management Simplified: How Vector Core Revolutionizes Athlete Monitoring Tech for Academy Teams

Today, Catapult launches Vector Core, an affordable solution designed specifically for academies and teams alike.

Using best-in-class hardware and technology, Vector Core is an intuitive, user-friendly, and highly effective athlete monitoring solution that provides teams with limited resources the data and insights previously only accessible to advanced teams. 

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Athlete monitoring technology has become increasingly important in sports, providing athletes and coaches with valuable data for improving performance and reducing the risk of injury. These technologies, however, can often be expensive and out of reach for smaller academies and teams on a budget.

  • Vector Core is designed as an intuitive, user-friendly, and highly effective athlete monitoring solution that provides teams with limited resources the data and insights previously only accessible to advanced teams.
  • Large organizations with multiple levels, including existing Catapult customers, now have a solution to easily evaluate athlete performance for each of their teams in one view, from academy levels to the First Team.

Elite Level Accurate Data for Academy Teams

By leveraging the elite-level accuracy of Catapult’s flagship Vector system, Vector Core has been designed to deliver a comprehensive set of live metrics and post-session analysis in a user-friendly platform.

The data and insights help teams make informed decisions to improve athlete performance, reduce the risk of preventable injuries, and help injured athletes recover faster. The key features of the Vector Core system that will accelerate adoption include:

  1. Simplified load management metrics – Catapult has taken the key metrics used by the leading professional teams and focused them down to a streamlined set of simplified metrics that easily inform player performance and health decisions.
  2. Ability to work from anywhere – The new cloud-based experience allows teams to manage data, insights, and all editing in the cloud, enabling coaches to work across different devices and locations seamlessly.
  3. Instant upload & automatic data collection – Teams do not have to manually download their data after a session. As soon as devices are connected to the dock the athlete data is uploaded to the Cloud for a faster, simplified experience.

Vector Core is the perfect solution for academy teams looking to take their performance to the next level. Learn More.

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Tried and Tested: Simplified Load Management

Large sports organizations with multiple levels of teams will also benefit significantly from Vector Core. Previously, these organizations have had to manage siloed data sets and disparate platforms for each of their teams, making it difficult to track an individual athlete’s progression.

“In just a short space of time, the Vector Core solution has simplified our load management practices,” said Valur Football Club’s assistant coach Sigurdur Hoskuldsson. 

“It allows us to share the same data across the different performance levels, in a consistent manner. Through this improved process, we’ve been able to increase coach communication and bring our developing players closer to the benchmarks we set for the First Team.”

Iceland’s Valur FC will also be an innovation partner for Catapult Vector Core to ensure new features added to the solution’s development roadmap are closely aligned to customer needs unique to this market.

“We’ve worked closely with coaches and athletes to develop a platform that is intuitive, user-friendly, and highly effective,” said Matt Bairos, Chief Product Officer of Catapult.

“We believe that Vector Core will be a game-changer for teams that do not have the same resources as elite teams, helping them to make better decisions to improve athlete performance and health.”

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Up Next: Webinar with Vector Core, Product Manager

To help you learn more about the Vector Core and how it can benefit your team, Product Manager, Rob Heyworth dives deeper into the practical benefits of Core in our upcoming webinar.

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In less than 30 minutes, Heyworth will show you the practical benefits of Vector Core, including: 

  • Elite-level accurate data analysis with up to 43 post-session and 11 live metrics.
  • Core’s simple set-up and sync to cloud functionality.
  • Why using multi-mechanical modelling can simplify your understanding of data with automated averages.
  • And much more.

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